potential unleashingOur goal is to be the first call you make, when you have and HR issue. We can help you with your organizational development; staffing and employee relations matters.

The small business community are in dire need of Human Resources consulting services because Federal and State agencies are maximizing its enforcement efforts and small business are especially vulnerable if cited or fined; in general the penalties assessed to small businesses are hefty; for example: businesses are being fined for failing to include all required information with each paycheck, this can result in penalties of $100 per employee, per violation, up to a maximum of $4,000 per employee. Also, California law also requires employers to keep a copy of all payroll records showing the daily hours worked and the wages paid to its employees for at least three years. The California Labor Commissioner is assessing a $250 penalty as an initial citation and a $1,000 penalty for each subsequent violation (State of California, Department of Industrial Relations, DLSE, 2012). These fines can hurt your small businesses’ bottom line.

Human Leap offers HR audits to ensure legal compliance (Federal, State employment laws such as Fair Labor Standards Act, the Family Medical Leave Act); training (Sexual Harassment, FMLA, ADA) creation of employee handbooks; job descriptions, staffing, manpower planning, recruiting; employee performance (discipline, terminations). All of these services will help your small business be in compliance with the employment law thus avoiding citation, fines and penalties from federal and state agencies enforcing the law.

Don’t let the Federal and State agencies catch you off guard!