potential choosingHuman Leap can help!

Project Plan Fees: We are flexible! We work either on project base, or fixed price agreement, whatever works best for you and you, your company and your budget! We provide focused projects plans that have clear deliverables and guaranteeing not to exceed your budget. For each project, we provide a scope of work (SOW) which outlines the steps involved to accomplish the desired results.

HR Audits: We provide you with an analysis of your business; through this analysis we can identify your company’s HR weaknesses, strengths, opportunities and threats (SWOT). We analyze your business holistically; we go over the different HR areas: Recruitment, selection and hiring of personnel, compensation policies; benefits; labor end employee relations; safety; discrimination and employee rights; workers’ compensation; disciplines; dismissals and documentation.

Employee manuals: This is key when it comes to communication between you and your employees; it creates expectations for your employees and tell your employees what to expect from your company.

Job descriptions: This is very important when you are trying to recruit, select and hire new employees; it guarantees that all your potential candidates are qualified and know what the job entails.

Recruitment and selection: Human leap can do the recruitment and selection for you! This is done through the posting of your company’s vacancies, interviews; establishing profesional contacts to guarantee you will get the best candidate possible.

Training: We provide tailored trainings based on the needs of your business and for all your supervisors and managers (Basic and advanced classes: HR fundamentals, Sexual Harassment, FMLA, ADA among others). Generally all types of training are billed by type of training, content, number of attendees, plus cost of materials and mileage.

Managing your personnel: We can help you with the creation and development of your business’ targets. We can measure your company’s success as well as the creation of goals that are specific, measurable, relevant and time-bound (SMART) for your personnel.

Maintenance: The day to day operation of your business can be very challenging! Human leap can offer you advise as needed (through phone or in person) to deal with the difficult employees. We do grievance investigation. We can help you with disciplines and dismissals.

Other services: We can represent your small business before Labor Commission; we have experience representing small businesses. We interview your management staff and prepare your case. We provide the initial representation and follow up.

Ask for our small business’ service packages!