Float like a butterfly, (and if needed) sting like a bee

Ali-vs-ListonDo you have your employee manual and job descriptions ready to go? Now, what is next? How do you apply these tools with your employees? This is probably one of the most challenging parts of running your business; and you may spend a lot of time dealing with employee matters. How you manage your employees?

Prior to give the employee a task to do: Establish your expectations. You need to ask yourself, is the instruction straight forward? Would you ask the same from another employee? If the employee is not doing his work, you need to communicate with them what they are doing wrong and you need to make them aware of it (in writing would be better!).

While your employee is doing the task: Check if your employee is performing at the level you expect them to perform. If they are not, ask if they need help. Provide your employees with critical, constructive, and comprehensive oral and written feedback regarding job performance through regular monitoring of their productivity and work load. Treat all of your employees the same way.

After performing the task: If your employee did not perform the task appropriately, make sure you address it quickly and nip it in the bud! You need to do your due diligence! Investigate, gather your proof, document and act. Decide what the appropriate level of discipline for non-performance is. Is the level reasonably related to the seriousness of the offense, do you apply it consistently?

Managing employees is never easy, it may consume a lot of your time! If you have your ducks in a row beforehand, it will make your trek less strenuous while dealing with your workforce. So, establish your expectations, check if your employees are performing up to par and if your employees are not performing address it quickly! If this is done you will flow like a butterfly (and if needed) sting like a bee!


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